1. Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp could not run if it weren't for the hard work of the set up team. The Set up team arrive 5 days before Camp official begins and set about on various essential tasks such as putting up tents, cleaning out the kitchens, repairing and maintaining equipment and utility work. In the past some of those who have helped with set up have stayed for Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp but there is no obligation to do so and others have just volunteered for the set up team. There is no charge for set up volunteers but you will purchase you own food.
    Set-up Team
  2. Tent Leaders are the backbone of Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp. Where possible there are two leaders per tent and in that tent there will be 5 or 6 young people 'campers' for whom for the duration of Camp theTent Leaders act as mentors and guardians. This involves making sure your campers are up in the mornings, sitting with your campers at meal times, participating in tent activities and also leading informal bible studies and quiet times. Being a Tent Leader is a brilliant way to have a positive impact on the lives of the young people who attend.
    Tent Leaders
  3. They say an army marches on it's stomach and Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp is no different. As a camp we like to provide a healthy, well balanced, fun menu for everyone on site and that wouldn't be possible without the amazing Cookhouse Team. Don't worry this isn't a case of endless days peeling potatoes; the Cookhouse team works on a rota basis, based in the purpose built kitchens on site. The best bit is you needn't worry about the washing up as this is delegated between other leaders on site. Obviously when you are not on the rota you are free to get stuck in to any actives that take your fancy.
  4. There is always something going on from one corner of the field to the other and this is where the site maintenance team come to the fore. From helping mark badminton courts, setting up team games to replacing broken tent pegs and poles. the site maintenance team are the unsung heroes of Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Be warned though if you aren't very good at hiding you may well find yourself being asked to referee the 30 aside football matches!
    Site Maintenance
  1. Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp is a family run family orientated camp and we are always happy to welcome families onto the site. We understand that as a family your time may well be taken up by looking after your young ones. There are plenty of activities available for families and children all we ask is that you chip in with some work be it in the cookhouse, running workshops or site maintenance where possible.
  2. There are a number of other roles that we are always looking to fill some of which can run in conjunction with other positions, for example people willing to run the worship, lead activities or drive minibuses. We also provide training courses for anyone who would like to earn a qualification while involved at Criccieth 2 Pathfinder Camp. In just the last couple of years we have sent leaders on courses to become qualified mountain walk leaders, archery instructors and first aiders.
    Other Roles